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Austin Powers The Dance Musical Saturday 26th February

We were treated to an amazing night by our young performers Mayhem at Austin Powers The Dance Musical here at Centrestage on Saturday night.

Every cast member excelled themselves and we were truly immersed in the story which saw Austin take on his arch nemesis the dastardly Dr Evil in his attempt to take over the world!

Thankfully with a little help from his friends Austin succeeded in saving the world from Dr Evil and his henchmen!

All of the cast were fantastic and we really were treated to a special evening. Well done to all the cast who were terrific and to Marlisa Ross for Directing and choreographing the production. The stage and sets were brilliant and really did immerse us in the world of Austin Powers!

The performers, aged 4 - 13 years excelled themselves and gave a performance which will be remembered for a very long time!  

Austin Powers was played by Robbie Slavin who first came to Centrestage in 2006 when he came to our very first pre-school class. The youngest performer in the case was Emily Mathieson who played Mini Me brilliantly. Emily is a current member of our 4-7yrs Music Theatre classes.

We have had great fun working on this production and I am very proud of this
talented and creative group of young people. They never cease to amaze me
with their idea and their humour, and I love the time I spend with them.
— Marlisa


Austin Powers - Robbie Slavin
Dr. Evil - Calum Grant
Mrs Kensington - Anna Convery
Basil - Cameron Lannie
Vanessa - Jenna Niven
Fat Bampot - Cameron Lannie
Felicity Rockwell - Rebecca Daly
Foxy Cleopatra - Lois McCreadie
Mini Me - Emily Mathieson
Mustafa -  Lois McCreadie
Number 2 - Cean Speirs
Frau Farbissinen -  Breagha McMahon
Sophie Evil - Alix Hartley
Sergeant -  Chantal McAllister
Dealer - Anna Convery
Therapist - Isla Grant
Tour Guide-  Rebecca Daly
Guard -  Anna Convery
President - Olivia Young


Director/Choreographer - Marlisa Ross
Assistant Choreographers - Isla Grant & Olivia Young
Stage Manager-  Dave Kerr
Deputy Stage Manager - Gregor Auld
Set Design -  Gregor Auld
Lighting Operator - Matthew Craigen
Sound - Connor Brown & Callum Stewart
Stage Crew -  Angus Rae, Kieran Orr, Logan Stark,
Helen Ruff & Norman Stephens
Follow Spot - Lewis Warwick
Projection Operator -  Lauchlan Brown
Properties and Costumes -  Rhona Mathieson


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