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Fairer Scotland Discussion

Come and join the conversation on what a fairer Scotland could look like in 2030 at Centrestage this coming Thursday.

We want to tackle deep seated generational issues. We recognise this will take time and are not looking for quick fixes or temporary measures. We want genuine changes and recognise that it will take time to reach the aspirations we are setting out of our vision of a fair, equal and socially just Scotland.

The start of that process is asking the people of Scotland what they want and need. These views will feed into a Fairer Scotland action plan which will set out what a more fair and equal Scotland will look like by 2030 and how, together, we can achieve it.

Alex Neil, Cabinet Secretary for Social Justice, Communities & Pensioners’ Rights will be hosting a conversation and listening to your suggestions on how you think we can achieve a fairer, more equal Scotland and what we need to change to get us there. We want you to come along and talk about the issues that affect you in everyday life. And we want you to share your story.

So come along and make your voice heard. Book your place by clicking below:


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