KFF - Brian Kennedy

It only takes one live concert to convince you Brian Kennedy is the ultimate performer. You know it the moment he bursts onto stage, grabs his guitar and belts out his first note. You feel the extraordinary energy levels of the man, as the atmosphere changes from dynamic action to a hushed stillness, within seconds, and gut reaction tells you this is going to be one roller coaster of a ride. It's easy to see why he's been selected as one of the four coaches on the upcoming series in Ireland - The Voice - the hottest talent show ever to hit T.V. screens worldwide. Quite simply, he has all the credentials. A multi-talented artist, Brian is now reaping the rewards of his phenomenal twenty-year career in the music industry. It's been a steady ascent towards deserved recognition and the past two years have been especially significant With support from JJ Gilmour and Robbie Dale
Sat 07/07/12
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KFF - Brian Kennedy
  • Sat 07/07 @ 20:00

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